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There are many dishes, snacks and food items available for your delight and pleasure. But what if you get something that is both delicious and healthy? Of course, there are many items that are healthy and effective for everyone. The best part is that there is no compromise of taste in them. You can even go for them as a treat.

Sweet Corns

Sweet Corn

 Have you ever thought about Sweet corn?  Well, if you have no idea about this delicious and healthy delight then you need to know more about the same. Talking about sweet corn, it is a starchy vegetable that pair as a functional eatable. By starchy, it means it is quite high in carbohydrate content. It is functional because it possesses manifold nutrients that can fetch benefits to body.  When you are talking about a diet, sweet corn works beautifully as a side dish. Sweet corn can also be used as ingredient in salads, soups or casseroles. Similarly, the impact of sweet corn is not limited to this; you can combine it with other eatables so as to enhance their nutrient content even more.

Rich in carbohydrates

An individual needs to consume minimum of one hundred thirty grams of carbohydrates a day for appropriate function.  Here, one single cup of cooked sweet corn possesses thirty one grams.   Don’t forget that carbs are used by your body for physical and mental energy. It is mainly vital for athletes, who require more carbs to carry out their performance.  When you consume such macronutrients, they get stored in your body as glycogen that is used for energy during long and short periods of exercise. All in all, it is good for you to munch on these sweet corns. If you want, you can learn How to make sweet corn in Hindi and easily prepare corns whenever you feel like having them.

Don’t miss out Protein

It can be said that protein is second macronutrient that your body needs in high sum.  It functions to repair your cells, construct muscles and enhance the immune system.  Talking about sweet corn, it possesses a reasonable amount of protein for any vegetable.  A single cup serving possesses over five grams.  It is recommended that women should daily take total of forty six grams protein and men should munch on fifty six grams.  So, in case you are one of the individuals who are trying to  boost their protein content, then begin to use sweet corn as a side dish with a chicken breast, lean beef steak or pork loin.  The best part is that sweet corn is low in fat.  A single -cup serving possesses nearly 2.5 grams of total fat and easily less than a zero point five grams of saturated fat.  However, if you add butter to your corn dish, it will influence the fat content.

Thus, the charisma of sweet corn is not limited to carbohydrate and protein only but it is also good in fibre, Potassium, Vitamin A and so on. So, while you are getting so much of nutrition for your health that too in a delicious manner; why to skip sweet corn then!



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