Boston Dynamics, Five Other Companies, Pledge Not To Weaponize Robots

Boston Dynamics, Five Other Companies, Pledge Not To Weaponize Robots

Fear now no longer ... the plot of the "Terminator" films won`t be a fact whenever soon. Or, if it is, at the least Boston Dynamics may not be involved. 

Bosto Dynamics, the makers of the Atlas collection of humanoid robots and the robotic dog, Spot, needs its robots to assist humanity via way of means of supplying robots for now no longer best seek and rescue missions however automatic machines for creation webweb sites or production facilities. Earlier this year, a Boston Dynamics robotic via way of means of the call of Stretch commenced assisting out in a DHL warehouse. The organization is hoping its merchandise to make human's lives more secure and easier. 

As films have proven, Boston Dynamics robots are critically succesful machines, and, in general, may be used for altruistic purposes. Weaponized programs are decidedly now no longer a part of Boston Dynamics' sport plan for a robotic-stuffed destiny. As such, the organization positioned out an open letter to the whole robotics enterprise vowing now no longer to equip its robots with guns or use its merchandise in an offensive role. Five different robotic makers signed the letter.

A non violent robot destiny

Agility Robotics, ANYBotics, Clearpath Robotics, Open Robotics, and Unitree all signed the letter, written via way of means of Boston Dynamics, promising to by no means weaponize the robots it produces. The groups additionally desired ensure none in their clients increase an navy of evil robots, stating: "When possible, we can cautiously assessment our clients' meant programs to keep away from capability weaponization. We additionally pledge to discover the improvement of technological functions that would mitigate or lessen those risks."

That have to positioned to relaxation a few fears of seeing an Atlas robotic being educated to deal with an attack rifle or a phased plasma rifle withinside the 40-watt range ... at the least for now. The letter additionally makes a name to authorities our bodies and lawmakers to draft regulation in order to save you the weaponization of robots via way of means of any organization withinside the destiny. The organization remains longing for a destiny wherein robots are beneficial and a internet tremendous for humanity — this is till SkyNet receives involved. 

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