Why You May Not Be Able To Rent Or Purchase Movies Through The Apple TV App

Why You May Not Be Able To Rent Or Purchase Movies Through The Apple TV App

If you`re having problem having access to the Apple TV app in your Smart TV, the motive can be the logo of Smart TV you personal. Apple has all at once eliminated the cappotential to hire and purchase films through the Apple TV app on Android TV and Google TV gadgets. This consists of Sony TVs and LG Smart TVs — which presented customers unfastened Apple TV+ subscriptions for 3 months in November 2021 — in addition to Google Chromecast.

Android TV and Google TV proprietors have been nevertheless capable of enroll in Apple TV+ on their respective gadgets, but The Verge stated that that is now no longer the case. What they may see once they first open the Apple TV+ app alternatively is the "a way to watch" button to be able to redirect them to Apple products, just like the Apple TV device, "or different streaming services" to hire/purchase films and enroll in Apple TV+ — regardless of what identify they may be searching for. Android TV and Google TV proprietors dropping their film condominium and buying competencies did not always occur overnight. NVIDIA Shield proprietors stated on Reddit that the "Store" tab became lacking from Apple TV as early as March 16. 

Why Apple took Apple TV farfar from Android and Google TV customers

The motive Apple rendered the Apple TV app inaccessible on Android TV and Google TV isn't precisely clear. However, consistent with FlatPanelsHD, it could be associated with fee rates. Google costs a 30% fee on in-app purchases, despite the fact that the settlement among Google and Apple did now no longer account for each unmarried TV in-app buy withinside the past. It's cautioned that Google can also additionally have these days delivered new phrases to the settlement, a number of which required Apple to provide Google its reduce of every man or woman in-app buy. Therefore, to store money, Apple scaled again Apple TV and made it completely for its personal platforms.

The simplest locations Android TV and Google TV proprietors hire and purchase films from the Apple TV app now is thru Roku gadgets, Samsung Smart TVs, and Xbox Series X/S and PS5 consoles. And of course, they may need to do it on real Apple TV gadgets and different Apple products, if they could find the money for it.

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